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HONESTGANG, A Unique Canadian Entertainment Label On A Mission!

We sat down with CEO Jay Honest to discuss his one of a kind label bringing us talent of all kinds from around the world.

Explain HONESTGANG In Your Own Words

To me, HONESTGANG has always been family, as a kid growing up, I was blessed to have such an inspiring best friend to guide me, sadly he is no longer here, but the mission is clear. He was the kindest soul, who always wanted to help others, without expecting anything in return, always telling me ‘’karma plays its role in the universe, treat her well’’, and so HONESTGANG was started. Using my many years in the industry, my knowledge from Musitechnic, and my own previous experience as an artist, I decided to make it my mission to help get as many artists as I could from the starter phase, to being ready for the industry.

What Does HONESTGANG Have To Offer Compared To Other Entertainment Labels?

Not only do I focus on music, but together, my wife Alaska Greyy and I handle everything from photography & photo editing, to press & media coverage, artworks, production, release plans, debuts, marketing strategies, basically, anything a label should be doing to help an artist on their way up, but with a unique twist, I take 0% royalties from the people I work with. Even going so far as to giving 100% royalties away to a lot of the artists I’ve featured on songs. How is one supposed to rise, if everyone is taking from their pockets on the way up? Disregarding music for a moment, we also offer services to businesses and influencers trying to establish their names and networks across the vast world of social media, being responsible for helping over 6 artists gain their verification status on Instagram by attaining many opportunities and teaching everyone around me to stay consistent. Website design, song writing, publishing, licensing, PRO registration, we do it all here at HONESTGANG!

Let’s Talk About Your Very Unique Merch Line?

Here at HONESTGANG we strive to not only do the #1 job we can for all of our clients, but to keep everyone happy. Now, when looking at every other merchandise company, and taking in my own experiences when buying my favourite artists merchandise online, I always arrived to the same question, ‘’What if i could put my name on it?’’. HONESTGANG is the first company I know of, that offers the customer, the ability to add their own logo, name, picture, or anything really, to the front back or sides of almost every single product in our wide selection of over 100 items, all from within the shop which is accessible on both and directly on Instagram. Not only that but we offer the same quality as big name companies such as Nike & Champion, size inclusize, many colours to chose from, all while offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the quality of your purchase.

What’s Next For The HONESTGANG?

Our goal is to team up with a few influencers, businesses and brands that would love to start their own merch lines, but don’t have the connections or funding to get it off the ground. We offer a a 6 month period at a one time fee of 1000$ as a test period to minimize loses on both ends, if successful we would then help the artist launch their own website for a very low cost of only 200$, and from that point the client in question would make 100% of sales on their own domain. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me for more information and thank you Medium & Capital Heat Canada for the opportunity to let me speak about my brand on a bigger platform.

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