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Jay Honest, Alaska Greyy & Roman, Welcome to the HONESTGANG

Giving us a glimpse into their move across Canada & their daily life.

via JayHonestVEVO

Medium Veteran Jay Honest, wife Alaska Greyy & their 9 month old son Roman, make their vlog debut on Youtube via JayHonestVEVO & let me be the first to say, from the extremely beautiful almost cinematic-like filming done by Jay, to Romans adorable faces and natural happiness, this is probably the most down to earth video from a vlog family we’ve seen yet. No extremely high budget equipment, no need to promote fancy cars and a grand lifestyle, just an iPhone and a vision! Simply kickback, enjoy the nature, the positivity & a video made 100% by the family!

Who Is The Honest Family?

Jay Honest,

a man needing no introduction to anyone actively on Medium for the last few years, is a father of 3 children simply doing his best to make something out of nothing. Having battled addictions, being homeless for 3 years of his adolescence to turning it all around, attending college, fathering children & hitting his goal of 1M streams on Spotify in 2020, all while helping dozens, if not hundreds of artists, reach their own personal goals. He is clearly determined and on a mission for success for his family & everyone around him. On top of releasing his typical stream of features this summer, including the highly anticipated sequel to one his biggest hits ‘Cash Guns’ ft. Choyce Cincere, Cash Guns 2, an all Canadian feature with Toronto & Scarborough artists Will Ryte & A-Will respectively, Jay Honest’s first appearance in a rock single, featuring TRVE & much more, all followed by his debut album titled Let’s Be Honest. Let’s Be Honest has no set release date yet and simply states 2022 on his album lyrics uploaded to Genius. Follow him @iAmJayHonest as he drops major keys, million dollar advice, great music & amazing content daily on his stories!

Alaska Greyy,

model for M.I.M, photographer, a gifted artist on the way to St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology on a payed scholarship, & a fantastic mother & the other half Jay was always missing, has had nothing close to an easy life and has really made something out of absolutely nothing. From our point of view Alaska is a very respectful, relaxed, genuine and down to earth soul, representing the kinder more warm-hearted side of the family, is clearly the sweetheart of the relationship! But don’t let all this fool you, Alaska is driven, give her a task and she will blow you away, every single time, this is non-questionable when speaking to any of her previous clients, we found nothing but satisfied customers & great art to be seen. On to of all of this, Alaska handles Press for many artists on the rise as a writer here on Medium as well as on Vocal & Capital Heat Canada alongside husband Jay Honest (previously also at BuzzFeed), Alaska has a big passion for creative writing, painting, drawing, and anything relating to the arts in general, and we at Capital Heat notice that passion in every move she makes. Did we forget to mention how incredibly stunning she is!! Be sure to follow her new stunning instagram page @iAmAlaskaGreyy for the latest content all made by Alaska herself.

Roman Della Notte,

being 9 months old, is one of the cutest babies we’ve seen on a camera. You can always find him attempting to eat anything in sight, all while keeping that adorable smile. Roman has a knack for keeping rhythms and extremely long notes, one of his longest to be over 7 seconds. Do we see a future singer in the making? Father Jay Honest seems to think Roman has more of a future in Football or Basketball being in size 3–4T clothing since he was 7 months old, thats one big boy!

When can we expect more content?

Jay & Alaska tell us very openly that with the pandemic still having much of the country closed & recently having moved to Windsor, Ontario May 28th, that we can expect a new video once a month (which will re-cap a month into roughly 10 minutes in length) til Roman and Alaska start Daycare and College respectively, in which Jay will host different types of content long desired by his fanbase such as LIVE studio sessions, Q&A’s & more, with his ultimate goal of being a video or 2 a week! Til then you can expect daily content on both Jay Honest & Alaska Greyy’s instagram stories while you wait for the next video.
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