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PTSD & Hip Hop: DeadInsideBeatz on IONTRUSTASOUL ft. Jay Honest

We Sat Down With Producer Turned Artist Kevin Prosser To Discuss Mental Health & His First Release As His Own Independent Artist.

Official Artwork Via @iAmJayHonest Instagram

IONTRUSTASOUL gives us chills from the very second it starts. Produced by DeadInsideBeatz, who also leads the single, the song has really intense delivery from both the beat & vocals by Jay & Dead. That first sustained bass hit, the blend of demonic and high end voices by Jay, the emotion you feel behind Dead’s verse, the extremely clean detailed mastering job done, clearly this is Industry level material, proudly made by 2 artists with minimal equipment. Can we just take a moment to imagine this done in a large industry studio?

Why This Song, And Why Now?

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I’m at a point in my music where I just want to be my truest self, when I say I don’t go outside, I’m being honest, I don’t feel safe outside. And why now? I’ve been working alongside many artists such as Nicki Tha Great & Jay Honest for so long now on their production that I feel its time to remind the world that I make music as well. ‘’And who else to launch this off then with Jay Honest’’


FUN AS HELL!! I was worried at first when sending it over to Jay as this isn’t really his vibe or what he usually does, nor do I feel that a lot of people fall into the same music taste as me. But this is 100% me, and every ounce of who I am, the fact he not only liked it but jumped at the opportunity to be featured on it was a really cool moment.

Where Does Mental Health Fit Into This Song?

Kevins Perspective:

I speak in subtle ways about my day to day life, when I say ‘’I be peeking thru the windows’’ I actually do it , paranoia is not fun, childhood trauma, growing up around a lot of violence, nurtured me into being a violent person, something I am trying to fix, but I am always stricken with this desire to keep everyone around me safe at all times. Growing up my mom struggled a lot with being a single parent, working her entire life just to get by, it was rough for her even affording clothes, but she would always make sure we had a roof over our heads. People used to call me out specifically for wearing the same clothes or not having the nicest stuff, still gets me to this day to be honest. People like me, use their art, to vent their frustrations & insecurities, with the ability to broadcast those feelings to the world, bottom line is, people are here pouring their hearts out, never knowing what it could do for the listener, or how it could impact them. The world should shift focus from artists all about cars and money to ones with dedication and a vision. Mental health, speaking from experience, especially PTSD, is extremely stigmatized, people need to be more open minded to others on the daily, never aware of what the other person is going thru, as it would make the world a much better place to live.

Jordan’s Perspective:

Always telling my life stories & events thru my lyrics, in ways some may never understand, in IONTRUSTASOUL I open up about how things have been since gaining that vetted blue check on instagram, having to cut off negative people and just simply move on in life, literally. The social media stuff can physically drive you insane, and I, being a white rapper doing well in a predominantly black industry, makes me a target beyond belief, maybe being the reason why IONTRUSTASOUL… Always keeping the goal of inspiring others & taking into account the verse and chorus delivered by DeadInsideBeatz, I wanted to show others that, I find at times, you must laugh away the things people say. It’s one of my main coping methods used for my PTSD & something I think a lot of people in the same situation as me mentally could benefit from. Having been a victim of countless trauma, years of being homeless, addicted, losing my brother, 2 of my closest friends, my 3 grandparents in a year & more, I am no stranger to dealing with mental health issues on my own. Gladly I have been blessed to meet a likeminded individual like Kevin, who was first introduced to me by our mutual friend & talented artist in her own right, Nicki Tha Great.

What Do You Hope To See From This Release & What’s Next For DeadInsideBeatz?

I hope to see people listening, enjoying the song, bottom line Im not bothered by numbers, I just want people to feel what I’m saying. In the near future I’ll still be making fire beats for fire artists but slowly working on new releases in different genres simply experimenting with my sound.

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