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SHIBA INU, the next investment?

Let’s Talk Cryptocurrency, DOGECOIN & SHIBA INU

After the rise of meme coins like DOGECOIN, having made millions in the process, SHIBU INU is the the new hottest meme cryptocurrency right now with a whopping 27,000,000% YTD gains! Unseen numbers in the game thus far! Shiba Inu’s market cap is now $27 billion, making it the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency token in the world

Inspired by DOGECOIN which saw exponential growth after a tweet bv Elon Musk, SHIB is an extremely high risk crypto that could soar to new highs.

HONESTGANG, being investors in SHIBA INU having bought into it early on at only 0.00002, have shown their support with CEO Jay Honest changing his Instagram & Twitter profile picture to the beloved Shiba.

How Big Of A Growth Are We Talking?

SHIBA INU is the newcomer in the meme coin game, but this one is different. SHIBA INU actually offers uses, and has started seeing adaption across the globe, even in Cafés in India! DOGECOIN served no purpose and was able to break the market into the top 10 cryptocurrency’s in the world. SHIBA INU has seen more growth than any company we can possibly think of, growing over 76,000,000% in the last year, making this a clear choice for investment in 2021.

We want to clearly state that CAPITAL HEAT CANADA & HONESTGANG are investors in SHIBA INU and that this is not investment advice nor are we financial advisors and this is simply our speculation and opinion. HAPPY TRADING & GOOD LUCK!

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